Recent Projects

MSB Su Valley HS Demo Design and OversightDemolition
MSB Su Valley HS Demo Design and Oversight

During a roof renovation project, the Su-Valley High School caught fire and was destroyed. EHS-Alaska had been part of the roof renovation team, and we quickly switched to providing demolition plans for the damaged structure. EHS-Alaska provided services to the Mat-Su Borough as they worked to remove the burnt debris and protect the surrounding residents of the Talkeetna area.

Ted Steven Anchorage International Airport Inspection and Consulting ServicesGovernment
Ted Steven Anchorage International Airport
Inspection and Consulting Services

As the airlines and the state of Alaska undertook a major renovation of the airport, EHS-Alaska was hired to provide oversight of the asbestos and lead-based paint abatement activities to insure that the work being performed did not expose travelers to hazardous conditions. The project is multi-year and multi-phase, requiring EHS-Alaska personnel to be on call at all times of the day.

ASD Clark Middle School DemolitionClark Middle School
ASD Clark Middle School Demolition

As the Anchorage School District prepared to replace the Clark Middle School Facility, EHS-Alaska was called on to provide a full survey of all hazardous materials that the old school building contained. We provided demolition specifications and cost estimates. Construction oversight and preparation of closeout documents completed the project. We have been under contract to the Anchorage School District to provide this type of service since the early 1990’s.

Kodiak Erskine House/Baranov Museum Fire Life UpgradesCultural Preservation
Kodiak Erskine House/Baranov Museum Fire Life Upgrades

The oldest structure in Alaska, the Kodiak Erskine House renovations required a very careful and precise identification of any hazardous materials that would be encountered. The accurate identification of asbestos and lead based paint allowed for a cost effective approach to this renovation.

SPCC PlansSPCC Plans

EHS-Alaska routinely visits the North Slope drilling rigs for various clients to prepare SPCC Plans. Our mechanical engineer’s knowledge of rigs and their operation means we are able to efficiently and quickly create the documents our clients require.