Travis G. Juliussen

Travis Juliussen

Project Manager


Mr. Juliussen joined EHS-Alaska in 2013 and brought to the firm his extensive background and knowledge of building design and construction. For over a decade Mr. Juliussen specialized in working with the Alaskan contracting community designing residential properties either for new construction or for remodel.  Mr. Juliussen also provided Home Inspection services as a State of Alaska licensed inspector. His thorough knowledge of the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC) as adopted by the Municipality of Anchorage assured his clients of compliant and buildable projects.

Since joining EHS-Alaska Mr. Juliussen has put his background to use on the full range of services the firm provides.  He has obtained the EPA/AHERA certifications necessary, including most recently adding the designation Management Planner to his qualifications.

As his background is in construction, Mr. Juliussen is an expert at reviewing project drawings and specifications to develop plans for Hazardous Materials surveys.  His understanding of the different types of construction methods and materials generally used in Alaska allows him to quickly narrow his focus for survey locations.

Professional Certifications
AK Asbestos Abatement Certificate of Fitness #20130898
EPA/AHERA Building Inspector#10596-01-04
EPA/AHERA Management Planner#T-24625-27023
EPA/AHERA Project Designer #TPD24-14-003
Certified NITON XRF Operator
Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management #POA351452319
State of Alaska Combination Home Inspector #151        
ICC, Residential Plans Examiner #8052395
ICC, Residential Combination Inspector #8052395
ICC, Residential Mechanical Inspector #8052395                         
ICC, Residential Building Inspector #8052395
ICC, Residential Electrical Inspector #8052395                             
ICC, Residential Plumbing Inspector #8052395

Project Management, Computer Aided Drafting, Charter College, Anchorage, AK